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Plant-lore walks

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As summer approaches why not consider holding a plant-lore walk on a patch of open ground – a park, common, cemetery – and increase people’s appreciation of local plants. A charge could be made, or a collection taken to raise funds for a good cause. All that’s needed is a area which is ideally away from pathways, a group of people, and, hopefully, good weather.
Much of the material included in Plant-lore Archive has been collected at such events, and in an attempt to gather further information, the compiler is happy to lead walks. In the London area he makes no charge; outside London it might be necessary to reimburse travel expenses. If you would like an event in your area, please contact me.
Image: bramble, also known as blackberry (Rubus fruticosus), a common plant on waste ground. It was believed that blackheads, boils, hernia, rickets and whooping cough could be cured by crawling under a bramble arch; or, if you were Irish, crawling under such an arch would make you ‘very lucky playing cards’.

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