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QUERY: Pineapples?

Posted on by royvickery |

2014-08-21 10.48.13Ingrid Schmitt writes:

While looking for information about pineapple [Ananas comosus] I came across the article ‘Pineapples as symbols of welcome’ on your website.  I have also come across this story elsewhere, but have my doubts about its truth.  The two ‘pineapples’ shown in the article do not really look like pineapples to me – they lack the characteristic ‘crown’ of leaves.  Admittedly both of the ‘pineapples’ shown in the article are recent (one is dated 2002), so perhaps ‘pineapples’ have become stylized over the years.  Can anyone supply any images of older, more convincing, stone pineapples?

Image:  Brixton Market, Popes Road, London Borough of Lambeth; August 2014.

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