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REMINDER: Midsummer Wildflowers, 13 June

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Report:  About 10 people arrived at the start and others joined later to spend about 75 minutes looking at some of the plants growing both in the Garden and on the grass verge outside which the Friends of the Garden have ‘adopted’.  Plants included two species of vetch – Vicia tetrasperma, smooth tare, and V. sativa, common vetch –  a comfrey (Symphytum sp.) formerly known as knitbone and used for healing broken limbs, and corn cockle, Agrostemma githago, formerly an injurious weed in cereal fields, but now almost extinct due to better seed-cleaning processes.                                    £28.55 was collected in aid of  the SLBI, which is grateful to the Friends of the Garden for their help in arranging and publicising this event.

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