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REMINDER: There’s something queer …

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There’s something Queer about that Plant, a LGBTQ+ themed exploration of plants in the Platinum Garden, Sutton House, Homerton, London Borough of Hackney,  7 July 2023, starting at  6.00 p.m. For further information contact Daniel Baker,

Fully booked.

Report:  About 22 people and spent about 45 minutes wandering around the Platinum Garden examining some of the plants growing therein.  It was explained that LGBTQ+ plant-lore undoubtedly exists it has been under-recorded, so apart from discussing bachelor’s buttons (what message did their wearers want to convey?), pansy (Viola x wittrockiana), and violet (V. odorata), there appears to be little queer plant-lore associated with other plants.  Consequently much of the time was spent discussing more general plant-lore; we hope that the participants did not find this too disappointing.

‘Your talk was wonderful! So great to hear all those stories and people were very engaged.’

Image: Platinum Garden, Breaker’s Yard, Sutton House, July 2022.

Edited 11 July 2023.

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