Collecting the folklore and uses of plants

Oil-seed rape

0291.  The origin of the phrase Lincolnshire Yellow Belly is much discussed amongst Lincolnshire people – various ideas are upheld by various people.
The following us the most recent [1988] version that I have encountered.  In a three person conversation on cultural tradition, between an030 Indian doctor, a psychiatric nurse (resident of Kirton in Lindsey, but Nottinghamshire born) and myself, the doctor asked:  ‘Why do they call them Lincolnshire Yellow Bellies?’  With an expansive sweep of her arms, indicating the breadth and shape of Lincolnshire’s farmland, the nurse replied ‘It’s because of all the oil-seed rape they grow in Lincolnshire’ [Barton upon Humber, Humberside, February 1992].

Images: main and upper inset, cultivated, Bosham, West Sussex, April 2015; lower inset, cultivated, Chaldon, Surrey, August 2015.