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Shropshire boot-trees

Note kindly supplied by Kirsty Stevens, March 2022:

There are two boot-trees close to where I live in Shropshire.  The one pictured here stands by the side of a small lane in the middle of a wood near Bishop’s Castle.  The tree appears to have been used for some time (many of the boots are quite old and mouldy), but it is still in use as there are also some recent additions of boots, shoes and trainers.  A sign lodged high up on the tree says ‘For Sale’.  It has a definite presence in the wood and is particularly creepy in the mist.

The other tree is near White Grit.

I heard that in the U.S.A. people would often throw their boots into a tree when they’d completed a long-distance walking trail, but that wouldn’t really apply to either of these trees.

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Image: November 2021, © Kirsty Stevens.