Collecting the folklore and uses of plants

Sea aster

1.  5 September 2016.  Leaves for sale on R. Bethell fishmonger’s stall, Kirkgate Market, Leeds, West Yorkshire:  ‘Sea spinach, £1.20 per 100gms.’

2.  17 November 2012. Leaves, gathered in Kent, on sale at the Balham Farmers’ Market, south London, at £3 for 100g: ‘A succulent coastal vegetable with a mild slightly herby, slightly fruity flavour. 10 years ago this wild plant was unknown to UK foragers; now it is being cultivated for a major supermarket! Use our (totally wild) sea aster in place of traditional greens after briefly boiling, steaming or frying.’

Image: Littlehampton, West Sussex; September 2014.