Collecting the folklore and uses of plants

Stag’s-horn sumach

1. In Worcestershire, in the Bromsgrove area, there is a belief that the stag’s-horn sumach (Rhus) if growing in the garden of a house is ‘sure to bring’ marital strife to the family living in the house.
This was related to me by an old gardener who lived near Bromsgrove … who died in 1973 full of years. He lived until he was about 90 years of age.
This belief, which notwithstanding more than 50 years of collecting such information from most parts of Scotland, England and Wales, I have not encountered elsewhere, was firmly held by many other gardeners of my informant’s generation [Great Barr, Birmingham, October 1982].

This is the only record of this belief in Plant-lore Archive; other records and any comments would be appreciated

Images: ┬ámain, planted, Andover, Hampshire, July 2014; inset, cultivated, St Mary’s churchyard, Southwick, Northamptonshire, October 2017.