Collecting the folklore and uses of plants


1.  My mother from Caithness calls thrift rock daisies [Watford, Hertfordshire, August 2017].

2.  Thrift – made into dried flower arrangements in the mid [19]60s; used to be known as sea clover [Faversham, Kent, July 2014].

3.  [Isle of Wight, c. 1940] Duver daisy – thrift. This may be local to St Helens as what used to be golf links down Duver is covered in thrift at its blossoming time [Fair Oak, Hampshire, January 2007].

4.  While visiting a tiny island off the coast of Brittany … the recteur [local priest] told me that at the time of the celebration of the Ascension, in May, the island is covered with a carpet of pink flowers.  He did not know that they were Armeria maritima, known in English as thrift.  ‘Oh’ said I, ‘the name is Gazon d’Olympe (Olympus tuft). ‘No’ he retorted, ‘it is tapis de l’Ascension (carpet of the Ascension) [Rambouillet, France, September 1995].

Image: Hastings, East Sussex; May 2014.