Collecting the folklore and uses of plants


1. Thyme tea for indigestion, I was told this by a French friend, when I mentioned that I was unable to sleep due to indigestion.  She told me I had the remedy at the end of my garden. I tried it and had no more troubles [South Croydon, Surrey, November 2019].

2. [Newcastle-on-Clun area, Shropshire] Dried thyme, one tablespoon full in a cup of boiling water, allow to cool and strain. Relieves phlegm and stimulates urine output [Sandiway, Cheshire,October 2004].

3. I asked my (French) 95-year-old grandmother for herbal remedies, thinking she would know many. She replied tartly that even in her youth there were perfectly good medicines, but did come up with one remedy she still uses and ‘has never known to fail’ – for diarrhoea make an infusion of thyme (boil for one minute and leave to cool, then strain), one cup. preferably after tood, is usually enough [Weston, Hertfordshire, June 2002].

Image: cultivated, Misterton, Somerset; July 2015.