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Cursed ground in Colchester

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During a walk, led by a member of Colchester (Essex) Historical Society on 20 August 2012, a stop was made in the Castle grounds beside an obelisk marking the spot where the Royalist commanders Sir Charles Lucas and Sir George Lisle were executed on 28 August 1648. A colleague escaped. Years later when he came back to the spot he cursed the ground and said grass would never grow there. At present the obelisk is surrounded by tarmac, so no grass grows. However, in the crack between the base of the obelisk and the tarmac there are small weeds, including some grass.
For a brief account of similar legends see R. Vickery, A Dictionary of Plant-lore, 1995, pp.25-6.

Image: Wikiain, March 2009, Wiki Commons.

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