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Flowers for St Cayetano

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St Cayetano (1480-1557) was born to a wealthy family in Venice but devoted his life to caring for the sick and poor.  Although relatively unknown today, he is Argentina’s patron saint.

A church in Lavapiés, Madrid, Spain, is dedicated to Cayetano, and celebrates his saint’s day, 7 August, the anniversary of his death.  Usually this includes a procession, but in 2021, presumably due to covid, no procession took place.  However the adjacent Calle de Oso was decorated and on the 6 August a shrine was set up outside one of its houses.  This was visited by local people and tourists.

Inside the church people formed a small queue to visit the statue of Cayetano, some of them leaving flowers.  For a service on the eve of the saint’s day the church, and a statue at its entrance were decorated with red roses.

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