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It is encouraging to know that this website is being visited by an increasing number of viewers. Are these people finding what they want?
Viewers seeking information on any one plant or topic are reminded that the website contains only a small proportion of the total information held by the Plant-lore Archive project. If you can’t find what you want consult the compiler who may be able to find and provide additional information, or add a query to the website.
The Local Names page contains a mass of information about vernacular names and often explanations and comments on these names. It can be searched using either Latin/scientific or standard English names. So if an initial search of the website yields little or nothing, make a separate search of the Local Names page.
The value of the site increases as more information is added to it. If what you find stimulates any memories, etc., please send them in, no matter how common and widespread they may be. Not all of this information will necessarily be added to the website, but it will all be added to the Archive, and made available to others on request (unless otherwise stipulated).

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