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Japanese knotweed scare – 2

According to The Times of 27 October 2014, ‘people who ignore orders to control Japanese knotweed [Fallopia japonica], which is described as a source of “serious problems”, will be deemed to have committed a criminal offence for which they can be fined up to £2,500.’2014-11-27 13.26.36

In the past the plant has been subject to environmental legislation, now people who fail to destroy it will be considered to be committing anti-social behaviour.  According to a Home Office document: ‘These plants threaten our native biodiversity by crowding out native species and destabilising river banks.  They can also cause damage to forestry, agriculture and infrastructure.’

It is estimated that the cost of trying to remove the plant in Britain has been more than £1.25 billion, with more than £70 million being spent on eradicating it from the London Olympics site.

Image:  Howth, Fingal; November 2014.


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