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Plant-lore Archive: July 2018

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Things progressed steadily throughout the month with 23 items of information being received from 23 contributors, so that the Archive now contains 7784 items of information from 2281 contributors.

8745 searches were made of the website during the month.  Work continued on updating the Local Names database from which the Local Names page on the website is derived; it now contains 13,764 entries.

It is interesting to note which posts have been most consulted since the website was set up in November 2010.  The top five are: Survey of ‘Unlucky’ Plants (c. 4900 searches), churchyard yews (c. 4500 searches), cow parsley (c. 2200 searches), dandelion (c. 2200 searches), and red and white flowers (c. 1700 searches).

Image:  copy of Primrose League Diploma of Associate, awarded on the enrollment of Sarah Annie Bosley, of Ledbury, on 7 October 1889, in the Butcher Row House Museum, Ledbury, Herefordshire, July 2018.  Founded in 1883 the Primrose League supported the political ideas of Benjamin Disraeli, and its members were encouraged to wear primroses (Primula vulgaris) on 19 April, the anniversary of Disraeli’s death, each year.  The League disbanded in 2004.

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