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Plant-lore Archive: November 2019

Nine items of information were received from eight contributors during the month, bringing the total to 8092 from 2489 contributors.

We remain unable to obtain statistics on the use of the website.

On the 19 November the publishers reported that 1851 copies of Vickery’s Folk Flora had been sold.  This was extremely disappointing as on 15 July they had reported the sale of 2313 copies.  Apparently the discrepancy is due to the July number being the number ordered by booksellers, whereas the November figure was the number of books that had actually been sold.  Never-the-less it is intended to produce a paperback edition in 2020.

Image:  artificial embroidered peppers (Capsicum annuum) hanging near the front entrance to a now defunct Chinese restaurant in Salisbury, Wiltshire, November 2019; are they purely decorative or do they have some symbolic or ritual function?

Edited 5 December 2019.

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