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Plants before the Revolution

Sue McDowall has asked us to draw attention to her recent book:

Plants before the Revolution: Food, Remedies, Festivals and Beliefs in Pre-industrial England.                                                                                                       Pre-industrial England was mainly agricultural with the majority of the population living in rural areas in small communities, so local beliefs and traditions remained strong.                                            The part plants played in these communities should not be under estimated as they were necessary to a degree that we can now hardly comprehend.                                           For generation after generation, throughout daily life and work, in the ceremonies of spring, summer and winter, in popular beliefs and the practice of medicine and magic, plants and flowers have played a subtle but significant part.

Sue McDowall, an independent folklore researcher,  has written extensively on various aspects of plant lore.

Hurstwood Publishing, 2018. 174 pp., illustrated.  Price £9.99. ISBN 9781527 206540.

Copies may be ordered from booksellers or direct from

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