Collecting the folklore and uses of plants

REMINDER: Events 22 October

Two events, both in south London, on Saturday 22 October 2022:

11 a.m. – c.12.30 p.m. Botanical Survey of St Leonard’s Churchyard, Streatham.

Report: Five of us spent a pleasant 90 minutes wandering around the churchyard examining and recording 64 species of flowering plants, three ferns, and two fungi.

‘It’s good to be with other people interested in plants.’

2.30 – c.3.00 p.m. Not that Ordinary: Local Plants and their Uses, Garratt Park, Earlsfield.

Report: Only one person turned up to this event, but she was Polish so we were able to spend a happy time exchanging information on how plants are, or were, used in Britain and Poland.

For further details see the Events page on this website, or e-mail

Image: Garratt Park, London Borough of Wandsworth, October 2022.

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