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Southwell Bramley Apple Festival

What started as Bramley Day in Southwell, Nottinghamshire, in 1993 has now become the  Southwell Bramley Apple Festival, held in the Minster, and at other locations around the town.  In 2022 this was held on Saturday 29 October.

The main event is a festival of food and drink held in the minster, but throughout the town shop windows were decorated with Bramley apples (together sometimes with Halloween pumpkins),  and children’s activities were held in the Workhouse, now owned by the National Trust.

A wide range of high quality food was available for sale in the Minster, which had Bramleys incorporated in its flower displays, and placed on its altar.  One stall sold the apples at 50p each.









It is estimated that 2,000 people attended the  2021 festival of food and drink, and it seems probable that even more people turned up in 2022.

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