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Top ten lewd plants

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CRGaA 016The Metro of 3 June 2016 published an article stating that the website had compiled a ‘top ten list of risqué titles and nicknames’ for plants.  We have not been able to find the names on the website, but according to the Metro they include:  cuckold herb, family jewels milkweed, knobweed,  sausage tree, stiffcock, sticky willy and nipplewort.  Most of these names appear to have been given to exotic species, but the last two have been used for two common British plants:  sticky willy is a well-known alternative name for cleavers (also known as goosegrass, Galium aparine), and nipplewort is the standard English name for Lapsana communis, possibly because its flower buds are nipple-shaped.

Image:  cleavers, Crewkerne, Somerset; June 2016.

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