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Walks and talks 2024

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As usual Roy Vickery hopes to be available to provide walks and talks throughout 2024.  Walks can be held anywhere where there are plants, and he particularly likes the challenge of sites which initially appear to be sterile.  However, it’s best to avoid areas with narrow, much-used paths.  The distance covered and the choice of terrain can be adapted according to the mobility of participants.

Talks are similar to walks, but plants are brought to participants, rather than than people being taken to the plants.   Also available are several more formal lectures, including Straw Bears & Onion Fayres, which explores the plant-lore associated with calendar customs,  and Enigmatic Elder, which discusses the uses and folklore of Sambucus nigra.  These can be delivered in person or via Zoom.

For details of future events see the Events page; for information on past events type ‘Reminder’ in the search box.

‘Roy’s walks for the Friends [of Wandsworth Common] are always hugely enjoyed’ [Richard Fox, ‘Rewilding Wandsworth Common’, Bedside, 2023, pp.48-49].

Image: Roy Vickery with gorse, Ulex europaeus, Royal Pavilion Gardens, Brighton, East Sussex, December 2023, © Carlos Bruzon.

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