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Wassailing revived

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Apple [Malus pumila] trees will be wassailed at Yarlington, Somerset, on 17 January 2013.
It is thought that wassailing in the village ‘probably dates from the 17th century’, but it had not taken place for many years until it was revived by the Brue Valley Rotary Club in 2012. The 2013 event will include music and dance performed by the Wyvern Jubilee Morris Men and a torchlight procession to a local orchard, where the ‘traditional Wassail ceremony will be performed, and there will be an opportunity to sample mulled cider.’
‘Everyone one is welcome but please bring some pots and pans, drums, anything which will make a noise to frighten away the evils spirits, which is an important part of the ceremony’ [The Visitor, Castle Carey, Christmas/January 2014].

Image:  ‘Firing at the apple tree in Devonshire’, Illustrated London News, 11 January 1851.

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