Collecting the folklore and uses of plants

Weeping ash

dubli-0121.  There’s a weeping ash by the Bottle Inn, Marshwood [Dorset].  I asked a local about it and he said it’s a drooping ash, as only willow weeps [Thorncombe, Dorset, April 2021].

2. Weeping ash is an important indicator of wealth/status when associated with an old farm or manor house.  There is one at Dolesfoot Farm garden in Newborough [Staffordshire], in the manor house at Clifton Campville [Staffordshire] and  in an old farmhouse on the Ashby Road on the outskirts of Ashby de la Zouch [Leicestershire].  If you could plant a weeping ash as opposed to the timber variety it was a sign that you did not need to concentrate on growing timber for construction.  We do not have a weeping ash! [Yoxall, Staffordshire, January 2016].

Images: main, planted, grounds of Pitzhanger Manor, London Borough of Ealing, April 2024; inset, immature tree, planted, St Stephen’s Green, Dublin, September 2016.