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Christingle oranges

According to a report in the Chard & Ilminster News, 2 December 1997, of a Christingle service held at St John the Evangelist church, Tatworth, Somerset:

‘Christingle services began in the Moravian church just 250 years ago and came here quite recently … We use ours to support The Children’s Society and, coming as it does near the beginning of Advent, it is also an introduction to our time of preparation for Christmas.  The children love it and so do the adults!                                                                                                   A Christingle is an orange [Citrus sinensis] bearing a candle, red ribbons, and a colourful display which can include sweets and nuts.  The orange is the world and the candle is the light of Jesus Christ …  Four cocktail sticks represent the seasons, the sweets and nuts illustrate God’s love in providing good things, the red ribbons depict the Blood of Christ.’

Note added 1 February 2019:  According to The Bridge (the newspaper of the Anglican Diocese of Southwark) of February 2019, 2018 was the 50th anniversary of the first Christingle held in aid of The Children’s Society.

Photographs of christingles prepared for services on Christmas Eve at St Andrew’s church, Farnham, Surrey, 22 December 2018.

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