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Holy Thorn update, 2

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Visited Glastonbury on 6 January 2014 and examined the tree on Wearyall Hill which was vandalised in December 2010. Despite optimistic earlier reports that it was recovering, it is clearly dead, and much of its trunk has been colonised by a species of Stereum, a small bracket fungus. However there are still fresh-looking ribbons attached to it and the metal railings surrounding it. Most of the ribbons have nothing written on them, but some have messages, invariably written in Spanish. BATH-GLASTONBURY 037

The young tree which was planted to replace the damaged one is little more than a twig, less than a metre high, and it too appears to be dead.BATH-GLASTONBURY 039

The two trees growing in St John’s churchyard appear to be thriving and flowering well, but the tree in the Abbey grounds appears to be unhealthy and has only a few flowers.

Images: larger two, vandalised tree on Wearyall Hill; smaller one, replacement ‘tree’ planted nearby.

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