Collecting the folklore and uses of plants

Plant-lore Archive: January 2017

Things progressed steadily during the month, with 9 items of information being received, so that the Archive now contains 7,374 items of information from 1,988 contributors.  Thanks to everyone for their contributions, and to J.B. Smith, formerly of Bath, but now of Chester, for a great deal of interesting correspondence concerning plant-lore found in dialect dictionaries.

5,823 searches were made of the website; up from 5,060 in December 2016, and 4,287 in January 2016.

Work continued on the contribution to The Cultural History of Plants and revising the Local Names database.  A visit was paid to the Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival and several other events, and a well-attended lecture on the folklore and uses of common vegetables was given at the South London Botanical Institute.

The Facebook page Plant Lore and Traditions is slowly attracting more attention.

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