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St David’s Day, London 2020 – 1

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Attended the 11 a.m. St David’s Day service at the Welsh Church of Central London, Eastcastle Street, City of Westminster, on Sunday 1 March.¬† The church was about half full, and about half of those present wore daffodils, either artificial or real. One woman wore a leek (Allium porrum) brooch. Simple glass vases of daffodils (Narcissus¬†cv.) were placed around the church.

Most of the service was conducted in Welsh.¬† At its end people were invited to a simple lunch in the church hall, at which ‘there will be leek soup as it’s St David’s Day’.

Elsewhere in London, only one, rather deranged-looking, man was wearing a daffodil; he had probably picked it in a local park or garden without realising its significance on 1 March.

Both the Guards’ Memorial in St James’s Park and the Cenotaph were visited, but neither had St David’s Day wreaths placed on them.

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