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Pumpkin-free zone

The expansion of Hallowe’en celebrations in recent decades has been welcomed by some who consider them to be a return to authentic pre-Christian celebrations in the British Isles.  However, some churches are alarmed by the growing prominence of Hallowe’en celebrations, which they regard as pagan, encouraging Satan to extend his reach.

One such church is evidently the Stockwell Baptist Church, in South Lambeth Road, London Borough of Lambeth, which in recent years has been organising ‘Pumpkin [Cucurbita maxima] Free Zone’ events for 8 – 11 year-olds on 31 October: ‘No costumes please!  Experience The Grace of God’.

Image: part of Stockwell Baptist Church poster detailing events from October to December 2016; photographed 25 December 2016.

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