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Diamond Jubilee black poplar

Black poplar tree planted near the Albert Bridge entrance to Battersea Park, London Borough of Wandsworth.  Many of these trees were planted in London in 2012 to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Stones placed in front of each tree read:

BLACK POPLAR (Populus nigra betulifolia)                                                         Planted in celebration of The Diamond Jubilee  of HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN in 2012                                                    Similar trees, generously donated by Roger Jefcoate CBE, have been planted in every Greater London Borough

Populus nigra ssp. betulifolia, is a rare native tree, which according to Clive Stace in his New Flora of the British Isles,  ed. 4 (2019), grows ‘in fields by streams and ponds, typically in river flood-plains’.  Unfortunately this habitat preference rarely seems to have been taken into consideration when the Jubilee trees were planted, and consequently few appear to have survived.

Photographed November 2020.

Edited 22 September 2021.

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